Founded in the 80’s, M & S / SA was born with the goal to stand out in the landscape of business law firms in São Paulo and Brazil. Solidified in these 30 years mainly by enhancing the direct and personal contact with customers, prospects and always offer them concrete results.

The assigned image  to the M & S / SA is a high-leve lpanel,  committed to transparency and the best practical outcome for clients, based on the great experience and the best legal practice.

Since the beginning, the M & S / SA was formed by high-level professionals, committed to ethics and respect for the customer, always defending their rights and interests in a broad, absolute and unconditional way.

Currently characterized as banking “full service”, also working in advocacy mass, serving large corporations with large volume of cases in Brazil.


Generate concrete results for civil society, ethics, efficient, competent and responsible action, contributing to the sustainable development of the country through the unconditional defense of the client’s rights, and the effective and efficient collaboration in relations between public and private entities.


To be a reference among the main players in the market, generating value for the customer, for the citizen, for the state and for private parties, especially the competence, the strength and the excellent results of our work.


Valuation of the company’s quality of life as a whole, through the efficient and correct use of financial resources resulting from the taxes paid by taxpayers; respect for the individual; transparency in interpersonal and business relations; focus on results; integrity.